Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Put the gel into solution.
Make it the right dilution.
Rapid revolution
for good resolution.
And finish it all with elution.


Tonight: first year graduate student party
Tomorrow: superbad with jonny
Sunday: easter. sing? Evan's Mom's birthday
March 28: rotation report due
March 30: substitute
April 4: systems/integrative neuroscience exam
April 5: Dad's birthday
April 11: seminar presentation
April 17: neuroinflammation literature review due
April 22: neuroinflammation presentation
April 28: systems/integrative neuroscience exam and jonny's birthday

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have a story to tell you. It is the epitome of an epic, replete with mystery, adventure, tragedy, and romance. My story will inspire poets to tearful song and cynics to serene meditation. My story will rock your mind out of its comfortable niche and into the elevated realm of nirvana. There you will dwell in the monumental harmony of all existence, a deity assured of the completeness and rightness of things, in a constant state of euphoric epiphany, and you will begin your own story.

Once upon a time, ...

It’s a shame I’ve run out of words.


Heh, today is 3/11. I like 311. I should listen to some. As should you. If my brother were in town, we would party.


A friend of mine commented the other night (in the context of giving me driving directions): "We are approaching -- what we are headed toward." When I corrected his grammar, he remarked: "Yeah, I'm not very good at this English-- whatever."

Friday, March 7, 2008


Shame on me for not writing in so long!

- burned out, because I had a takehome exam due on Tuesday and another exam on Wednesday, plus regular reading for classes, and now I have the beginning of That Cold.
- psyched, because my first swap is beginning.
- annoyed, because the light in my dining room keeps flickering.
- relieved, because the week is almost over, and next week is spring break, though it likely won't be much of a vacation, since I'll be in lab all the time, finishing my rotation and making up for all the time I didn't spend in there this week.

I've found a way to make a catastrophically stuffed nose clear up within one minute: 60 jumping jacks. Granted, the relief doesn't last long, but gosh, it's nice to breathe.