Friday, April 23, 2010

Wedding Progress

Tier 1
groom: √

Tier 2
wedding date: √
wedding location: √
reception location: √

Tier 3
Dress: √
Dress fitting: scheduled
shoes: ballet slippers obtained, but not completed
organist: √
service music selected: not so much
minister: √
service order: more or less
bridesmaids: √
groomsmen: √
DJ: √
music selected: working on it
menu selected: √
cake: not yet
rings: working on it
photographer: sorta

Tier 4a
Guest list: √
Addresses obtained: √√ (bonus check for hunting and pestering)
Save the Date cards: √
designed invitations: √
paper, envelopes, stamps for invitations: √
hand-addressed envelopes: √√√√√√√√√
sealed and stamped envelopes: √
mailed invitations: √ (almost all of 'em)

Tier 4b
Bridesmaids' dresses: √
tuxedos: silly lazy groom. no check.
Website: √
Registries: √
Local hotel info: √
Driving directions: √
Rehearsal dinner: in progress
Flowers: ... I don't really want real flowers because they die and cost more than the frigging dress... maybe I'll knit/crochet them.
Color-coded multi-sheet formulated Excel spreadsheet for RSVPs: √

Tier 5
Favors: got some ideas
Table naming scheme: again, some ideas
Centerpieces: 70%√
Card box: I have an idea. Just need time.
Guest book: ideas
Pen for guest book: √
Holder for pen for guest book: ideas
Cake topper: do I need this?
Gift log: √

Tier 6
honeymoon: If I make it through this, whatever happens after the wedding will count as a honeymoon by comparison.


  1. I LOVE the idea of knitted flowers. I'm sure a lot of your knitting friends would love to contribute a few, if you provided a pattern. I know I would!

  2. I pretty much hated this whole process. It was a humongo-ginormous pain in the ass. On the other hand, hopefully you only have to do it once.

  3. I would also knit flowers!

    Also, if you want a cake-cutting set, I have the one that both Sheena and I used if you want it.... your color scheme is blue, right?

    Also (you get to add a check somewhere for this) - did you mail our official invite yet? Because we moved... we should still get it forwarded to our new address, but at what point should I contact you for a replacement?

    Our new address, for the record: 36 Park St., Adams, MA 01220

    Yay wedding! You're almost there!