Friday, September 24, 2010

Woolhead Works

OK, I've decided: I'm going to do it. I'm going to transition my Etsy shop from Sarah's Amiables to Woolhead Works. I know it's kind of a big deal, but I want to do it.

Why? A couple reasons.
1. I really like the name Woolhead Works (see figure below). "Sarah's Amiables" sounds kind of lame an unmemorable. I want a shop name I love and feel proud of.
2. Revitalization. Sarah's Amiables was getting stale and disorganized. Woolhead Works will be fresh, and (hopefully) much more organized and cohesive.
3. It makes kind of a neat parallel with how I've changed my own name.
To maintain cohesion between my blog and my shop, I'm going to transfer my blog to

As for twitter, I'm changing my username to SarahWoolhead. I've found my twitter usage has become more personal than business-related, so I think I'll continue that.

I think I'll let facebook fizzle. It was a cool idea, but I don't have the internet energy to maintain it properly. I'll try to focus more on my blog.

So there it is.

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